The History of VFIS

It could be said that exceptional friendships inspired the birth of VFIS, and that, over the past 50 years, the steadfast foundation of these relationships has remained the driving force behind our incredible accomplishments and successes.

After recognizing a critical need for first responders to have adequate insurance protections, Arthur J. Glatfelter launched innovative, specialized volunteer firefighter coverage—the first of its kind in the industry. What began as a small initiative has since grown leaps and bounds, and today VFIS proudly insures thousands and continues to lead the industry in providing protections to those who serve our communities as emergency responders.

To properly serve these selfless individuals, and to fully understand their needs, we’ve also had to serve beside them. Many of our VFIS associates are active or former emergency responders, and our clients are much more than just clients—they are our brothers.

Over the years, VFIS has worked tirelessly to help ensure that emergency responders are better prepared for each and every call they receive. We have stood beside them to help reduce the risk of injury or loss to the people that they serve, and have provided them with education and training programs that have inspired important change and even helped to save lives. Most importantly, we have provided emergency service organizations across the nation with ways to properly protect their property and their most important assets—their teams.

Our accomplishments of the last half-century serve as a true testament to our dedication and commitment to the industry. There is no doubt that these successes will continue to push us into the future. We look back and ahead with much pride. The legacy that has been developed is one that we will continue to honor in all that we do; an honor that we will pass down through the generations. Thank you to all who have been an integral part of our incredible journey. We look forward to 50 more years of being first on the scene…and still responding.